Marketing Offerings Summary

Basic Package

Market Research and Keyword Identification

We will review your services, your competitors and create a profile of your most likely customer. Using this information and identifying your target market will assist us in ensuring that your company message and content is targeted properly. With this we will identify the most important keywords to promote on your website, and social content.

Website Review and Recode

We will use the Research and keyword information garnered to rewrite content, and recode sections of your existing website to properly target those words and phrases for Google, Bing and other search engines and directory services. This will be done on an as-needed basis relating to the results of the website traffic analysis.

Website Traffic Analysis and Adjustment

Every two weeks our staff will review and report on the incoming traffic to the website. We will track where the traffic originates from and what content and keywords are bringing the majority of visitors. From here we will ensure quality traffic by keyword adjustment, and increased traffic by increasing the content with the successful, targeted messages that bring real customers.

Social Media Message

Our Staff will at minimum post to social networks weekly, keeping a consistent, branded and targeted message to potential customers. In addition we will focus on building approval and rankings by building "Likes" and "+1's" and "followers" to increase the public perception of your public image.

Subscription Cost

$500 / Month

Advanced Package (all basic package elements included)

Once we have pursued the Basic Package above for 2 months, we can discuss the possibility of extending the plan to include custom content blogging, audio/video production, magnet sites etc.

In order to properly pursue these items, we must first spend 2 months on the basic package to decide on the best methodologies for your business.


Custom Unique Content Creation

All true organic and sustainable traffic generation starts and ends with consistent production of unique targeted content. All subsequent services rely on this as a necessity, which will require the hourly billing of our in-house editors. Content creation is done in a way, that content can be utilized in several ways, across several platforms and methods in order to keep editorial costs minimal. For example, one blog post would be divided and used on the web blog, on twitter, facebook, google+, online press releases, etc.


With custom content being king, we focus heavily on maintaining a blog for your company. All posts and content are keyword, subject and industry specific. Each proposed post is first passed to your company for review to ensure the quality of the technical content in the post. As this process continues, your dedicated editor will require less and less feedback as they learn more about your industry. We recommend one 500 word article posted per week for maximum effect.

Email List

We will utilize email marketing at minimum on a monthly basis providing updates, news, links to social profiles, etc. This is meant to keep current customer and potential customers engaged as well as supporting the view of an active reliable company.

Search Engine Optimization / Organic Traffic Generation

We will use several strategies to increase search engine positions in the in the major engines, and indexing sites. These methods include but are not limited to:

  • Quality and sustainable Backlink Generation
  • Consistent page adjustment
  • Use of Social and PR systems to increase domain gravity
  • Customized text links with loaded keywords
  • Kyphrase targeted page creations
  • Creation of related magnet sites to attract traffic
  • Public forum responses with targeted links / signatures
  • Listings placed on important public directories such as DMOZ
  • Targeted image tagging for google image marketing

Social Media Management and Sharing Sites

We will continually post to all social media networks with information and content directed at your target market. Posting will be accomplished continually on a regular schedule on days and at times that receive the highest attention from social media users.

Our current networks include, but are not limited to:

Facebook Google+ Twitter
LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit
Digg StumbleUpon Flickr

Our staff will not only consistently post attractive materials, but will engage with network friends and followers, encouraging cross posting and sharing.

All responses and traffic generated from each source will be analyzed for quantity and quality, and the social media planning adjusted accordingly each month.

Advanced Package Pricing

Our Advanced package includes all of the above items and includes a monthly report on work completed, and updates on traffic generation and activity.

Subscription Cost

$1,000 / Month at 2 custom articles per month
$1,200 / Month at 4 custom articles per month
$1,500 / Month at 8 custom articles per month

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