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Genistar Ltd.

Nectyr Productions, LLC has offered custom programmed back-office systems and ongoing business logic support to Genistar Ltd for over five years.

The Genistar back office system supports accounting and management services for over 2000 sales reps. From commissions systems to general office systems, Genistar is able to put the focus off of paperwork and back on sales.

Genistar Ltd

Amanda Portal

AmandaPortal is an online sales tool utilizing email management and video presentation services.

Thousands of insurance industry sales people rely on the automated marketing services provided by this custom application. The system provides a library of sales related video materials for members to utilize in their email marketing strategies. Since inception Amanda has also brought several partner companies online with their online offerings.

Amanda Portal Marketing

AgencyPro Software

AgencyPro is the premier online talent agent software and casting director software system.

AgencyPro is in use by over half a million users to manage their online talent portfolio, network with client companies, book jobs and build their resumes. AgencyPro has seen oustanding growth in their industry since their launch and immediate acclaim. Nectyr Productions, LLC has programmed and managed the AgencyPro system for almost a decade and the company continues to expand it's application and sales.

AgencyPro Software

GDG Consulting

GDG uniquely combines strategic marketing, creative solutions and project management.

Nectyr Productions, LLC has acted as GDG Consulting's primary technology partner for over 8 years. The combination of services and offerings between our companies has given both the opportunity to grow exponentially. GDG Consulting offers exemplary services and is highly recommended to those in need of marketing, design or public relations.

GDG Consulting
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