Our Web Development Process.

How we make your meet your needs and simplify your business:

Nectyr Productions' Project Planning process immediately ensures that your company and our organization are a good fit.


We do this by starting off on the right foot and locking down a detailed feature and expectation plan. This way we can be confident in meeting your needs fully, on schedule, and within budget every time.



1) Plan the Project

  • Initial Client Conference.

    Conference with the client in person or over the phone to discuss the project in depth with the goal of Nectyr Productions providing a full feature list and associated cost.

  • Nectyr Productions provides project feature list.

    Nectyr Productions documents all project requirements and features for Client review.

  • Client review and adjustments request.

    The client reviews the feature document and outlines any areas where we may have missing needs or misinterpretations. Client provides information about these differences or additions.

  • Nectyr Productions finalizes feature list and quote.

    Nectyr Productions makes any needed corrections to the feature list, and then sends it to the client including a total project cost and estimated timespan.

  • Client provides all necessary materials and down payment.

    At this point the client must provided needed materials (logo, branding, competitor websites, data sets, etc.) along with a 30% down payment to begin development.

2) Do the Project

  • Nectyr Productions begins work on design and code.

    Nectyr Productions begins both programming and design work simultaneously in order to complete the project in a timely fashion.

  • Nectyr Productions provides design sample.

    Once completed, Nectyr Productions presents the design sample to the client for review.

  • Client review and adjustments requested.

    Nectyr Productions and Client schedule a conference if necessary to discuss feedback and needed modification or redesign.

  • Nectyr Productions finalizes and produces design.

    Nectyr Productions completes the requested modifications or redesign and confers with client until the client signs off on the website design. At this point Nectyr Productions completes the HTML / JQuery and CSS work necessary for the website.

  • Nectyr Productions provides code prototype.

    Nectyr Productions presents any portions of the product that are database driven, or rely on custom programming. This may be done section by section as they are finalized, but each presented section should be internally functional and complete.

  • Client review and final adjustments requested.

    Client reviews the functionality and interface of the programmed systems and documents any needed modifications.

  • Nectyr Productions finalizes programming.

    Nectyr Productions completes the final programming change list to the Client's satisfaction.

3) Launch the Project

  • Nectyr Productions takes the website or system live.

    Nectyr Productions completes all tasks needed to archive any previous web sites, pages, or data and replace them with the newly created project. All platform adjustments are made and Nectyr Productions assures that the new platform remains stable.

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